Keep Your Animals Warm And Dry In An Animal House In El Dorado Hills

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If you own pets or livestock, it’s a convenience to get everything you need for their care in one stop. When looking for an animal housed in El Dorado Hills, you can pick one up while you’re buying pet food and other supplies. Below you’ll find the different types of houses available for your animals.

Dog : When you’re looking for the perfect house for your dog, you can choose from several different types. Wooden houses are available as A frame models or with a center slanted flat top roof so the water will slide off the top. Houses are available with a raised floor so the bottom of the bed will stay dry and your pet will stay warmer. A waterproof roof keeps the rain off your pet and you can purchase houses that have a lift off roof for convenience while cleaning. Plastic houses are available in a straight igloo style or with an offset doorway to help keep the wind off your pet. Square plastic houses are also accommodating and they have ventilation holes in the back. Most models of dog houses are available in three sizes, so your dog will fit comfortably in his bed.

Rabbit : Your rabbits can live in style in a two story rabbit hutch with a waterproof roof that lifts up so you can easily clean the inside of the hutch. If you want a rabbit house that’s out of the ordinary, purchase one that is shaped like a gazebo. This type of Animal House in El Dorado Hills has a nesting box, hay manger and multiple doors.

Chicken, Geese and Ducks : There’s a variety of houses and coops available for fowl. Some are shaped like a barn, a fort and a Cape Cod house in CA. If you don’t want to get that fancy, you can purchase a waterproof rectangular hutch that comes with removable wind guards and a perch you can adjust. Attach a play pen to the side of the hutch so your fowl has room to roam.

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