Keep Your Furnace Functional for Many Years With Proper Chicago Heating Repair Services

Heating appliances come in a variety of shapes and types. There are stand alone room heaters which can be very useful whenever you don’t have a working heating appliance. One excellent example of this is the portable heater that many people use in their garage or work sheds during the winter. One of the more modern heating systems becoming increasingly popular in high end homes is actually a variance on the steam and boiler heating method. Radiant heating uses hot water running through pipes in the floor and/or walls to warm a room, typically a bathroom and is one of the most requested upgrades on many newly constructed homes because it allows the homeowner to warm whole rooms for limited cost. An alternative to radiant heating is electric elements installed under the flooring.

However, the most common household heating method is the forced air furnace also known as the central heating system. In many cases a central heating unit is part of a combined HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system installed when the home is built. These appliances are also popular in manufactured homes, large apartments and certain newer lofts that have a lot of space to treat.

Cleaning and maintaining these appliances is one of the main tools the homeowner has to minimize their need for Chicago heating repair services. Regular maintenance on most furnaces includes a thorough cleaning of the burning chamber to ensure no lint or other flammable items have accumulated inside over the summer months. It should also include brushing the vanes on the blower fan to ensure correct airflow.

Whenever your furnace breaks down and requires Chicago heating repair services your contractor will need to run a few tests. For gas and propane furnaces they will need to perform leak testing to ensure all lines are properly sealed. For electric furnaces they will need to test the resistance and amperage draw of the appliance to ensure it isn’t pulling any unnecessary load.

It’s best to discuss exactly what procedures your heating contractor’s technicians will perform as part of their maintenance or repair. This information will help you understand what is being worked on and why. Customer oriented heating and air conditioning companies like Heatmasters Heating and Cooling are always willing to discuss their maintenance plans to ensure their customers get exactly the service they require.

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