Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Round With Air Conditioning Services in Riverdale

The heating and cooling appliances in your home can be very expensive and one of the best ways to ensure they provide you with years of comfort is to keep them properly serviced and well maintained. In order for the home owner to accomplish this they need to locate an experienced contractor that provides their customers access to convenient maintenance programs and affordable Air Conditioning Services Riverdale.

In most homes the heating and cooling equipment are part of a combined unit colloquially termed as ‘central air’ or ‘forced air’, but otherwise known as an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. The HVAC unit typically has the A/C condenser outside the home so it can shed the excess heat. The condenser is connected to the blower unit by insulated pipes that carry the refrigerant to a cooling coil. This is the coil you normally see inside the furnace/blower cabinet. Normal Air Conditioning Services in Riverdale for this part of the system include testing the condenser and any electronic circuits.

Most Air Conditioning Services Riverdale include a basic system cleaning where the technician scrubs the coils and blower motors. These service plans usually include the testing and charging of the air conditioner’s refrigerant. This is important because a low refrigerant level can damage the condenser and replacing a failed condenser is a very expensive repair. In the case of heating systems the technician will clean the heating element in an electric furnace and may need to remove the burner in a natural gas system to ensure it isn’t clogged. Also, for gas based furnaces they will need to test the ignition system for reliability. The most critical portion of gas furnace maintenance is the fuel line pressure test. The technician must ensure that there are no gas leaks around your furnace that might turn into a potential source of fire or explosion.

Service companies are rapidly moving into the computer age by providing their customers with an excellent resource tool for collecting information in the form of Internet websites. Not only are you able to learn more about these companies, but smart contractors such as Hammond Services have begun educating their customers by supplying a wealth of information on their website at Some of these resources include tips for saving energy and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for quick reference.

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