Keep Your Home Comfortable With Furnace Service in Providence, RI

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Living in Providence, RI, you tend to get used to the freezing winters and warm, muggy summers, but major temperature swings like these are the perfect reason for insuring your home is equipped with a quality HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Even if your old unit is a simple furnace it is generally easy to install a HVAC system in it’s place. The average HVAC is a complementary system made from an external refrigeration system and an indoor unit that houses the furnace, air exchange unit and blower system. While the outdoor coil is the muscle of the cooling system the indoor unit is the heart of the whole unit.

With a system this complex the most important thing you can consider as a homeowner is the maintenance and furnace service in Providence RI. Annual service on your furnace usually includes cleaning the heating element in electric units or the burning chamber in gas based systems. This cleaning is critical to avoid the chance of fire or excessive smoke in the home. It is also important to clean the air exchange where the central cooling coil is located. This coil will sweat during regular use and this excess moisture will mix with the dust and debris that collects on the coil. It is often difficult to clean all the surfaces of this coil due to the way it is situated in the air exchange unit so your service professional may be required to remove the coil and wash it in an acid bath.

The next important step in furnace service in Providence RI is cleaning the blower fan. This fan is often neglected and can collect a lot of dirt over the years which impedes the flow of air through the system. By simply brushing the vanes on the fan you can improve the airflow up to fifty percent. Other important areas your technician should check include the thermostat. A faulty thermostat could cost you a lot of money and excess wear on your existing unit simply by cycling the system at random times. A quality repair service like Restivo’s Air Conditioning will quickly tell you that a faulty thermostat is the surest to have your heating system fail when you least expect it.