Keep Your Home Cool With Quality AC Repair in Palm Harbor

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The air conditioners used in most in Palm Harbor homes and quite a few apartments as well, fall into the category of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). This is a dual function system that provides the whole home with heated air in the winter and chilled air during summer. The HVAC is a complex device that is broken down into several basic components. The main unit is a centrally located cabinet that houses the furnace, air exchange and blower system. The second portion is the condensing unit which is typically placed outside the home so excess heat can be released into the atmosphere. The final pieces are the home’s ducts for channeling the treated air and a thermostat which controls the whole system.

In spite of their complexity, HVAC systems are pretty reliable and many run for years before needing very much in the way of AC Repair in Palm Harbor. However, when they finally fail they can do so with a vengeance. For example, a continuously running air conditioner can result in an overheated condenser. When the condenser gets too hot it can lock up and immediately shut down the air conditioner. Unfortunately, the system may not always shut down on it’s own which could result in other components failing as well, including any electronics that pickup the excess heat coming from the condenser.

Other reasons for AC Repair in Palm Harbor include a failed blower system, or a nonfunctional thermostat. The blower fan in HVAC systems is shared by both the furnace and air conditioner components. This means the blower fan runs all year long which can place a long term strain on the electric motor that powers the fan. Likewise, the thermostat that controls the whole system must operate all year long as well.

Most thermostats are very durable items and are designed to be rugged enough to handle years of family usage, however, as thermostats begin to age their parts can wear out much quicker. This is why contractors like Airprompt Heating/Air Conditioning, Inc. recommend you test your thermostat regularly and replace it when required. A faulty thermostat can cause the HVAC to cycle randomly and place undue stress on the system.