Key Elements to Portable Tradeshow Displays

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When you rent a booth at a tradeshow, it is up to you to decorate that booth to best reflect your business and spread the word about your company and how you can help your customers. Portable tradeshow displays are the perfect way to let people know what your business can offer and why they need to turn to you instead of your competitors. With these small displays, this task becomes even easier.

An Attractive Design

One of the most important things you need to think about is the design of your display. Make sure you include your business name and logo in the display so everyone will be clear on who you represent. You should also make use of the colors of your business throughout for the same reasons. Other than that, the options are endless. Include fun graphics and large, clear lettering to ensure everyone can easily see the message you are trying to portray.


Portable tradeshow displays aren’t going to help much if people are unable to see them. While the overhead lighting at a tradeshow is often bright, it isn’t always enough to really showcase what you are trying to show with your booth. This is why you need to think about adding some additional lighting options so you can be sure everyone can see your displays clearly. The right lighting can also serve to draw attention to your booth.


The positioning of your tradeshow displays is essential to its success. Most portable displays are smaller and will need to be placed on a table so it can be easily seen. In most cases, this means placing your display right at the front of your booth so everyone who walks by will see it. However, if you have additional information you want people to know, you should also consider buying more than one display so you can place some of them further back in your booth to draw people in to learn more.

The best portable tradeshow displays can be the key to your success at the tradeshows you attend. The first step is to make sure you use your business logo and colors to create an attractive design that will gain the attention of those who are passing by. After the right design, you need to choose the right lighting and positioning of the display so you can attract even more attention and more easily spread the word about your business.

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