Know About Hiring Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home

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Most people think that hiring professional house cleaning services in Westmont, IL is out of their reach financially. But once you look into cleaning services, you realize the cost is affordable and can improve the value of your home.

Only about 10% of homeowners will keep a home as clean as it needs to be when it is on the market. Consumer Reports states that a clean home can increase the home’s value as much as 15%. Home viewers will perceive an unclean home has less value than the exact same home that is clean.


Visitors will notice if a kitchen is not clean and sparkly. Not only that, if they are considering your home for purchase, an unkempt kitchen will cause them to perceive the home at a lower value which, in turn, will cause them to make a lower offer. Clean kitchens project a healthy and happy environment.


Bathrooms are one area that needs to be kept clean at all times. Bathrooms harbor odors and germs, and when visitors view the bathroom as unclean, it can definitely turn them off on buying your home.

Living Room

Living rooms that have dirty, smelly carpet or floors can be disastrous for home sellers. Home buyers will automatically think the floors need replacing and will attempt to knock that price off their offer.

Cleaning Services

It is recommended by realtors to have your home professionally cleaned by a cleaning service in Westmont, IL. A professional cleaning service is less likely to overlook something that you may not notice. Deep cleaning is recommended to remove things such as unpleasant odors, fingerprints, scuff marks, light scratches, dust, and film on all surfaces.

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or would like to have your home cleaned regularly, professional cleaning services in Westmont, IL can make your home sparkling clean. For professional cleaning services, call Carmen’s Cleaning Services.