Knowing About Climate Control Systems Can Help You When You Need to Buy Parts

The various parts of an automobile are each unique in their function and design. As such, the maintenance of those parts should be left to those who are well qualified in that area. One part of the automobile that is surprisingly at the top for auto innovative technology is the climate control. Automotive Climate Control Systems manage the heating, cooling and ventilation of a vehicle. One could say, the climate control is the HVAC of the car or truck. HVAC systems are complex in the building ventilation systems, and they can be just as discombobulating in the automotive industry. Therefore, it is good to know a little bit about how climate control units work and the parts that make them up.

Climate Control Systems can be simple device that turn the heat and air on manually, or they can be as sophisticated as computerized devices equipped with many sensors that will warm or cool different parts of the automobile as the passengers will. The climate control is made of several parts, which are the condenser, the fluid transport, the expansion device, the compressor, the evaporator, and the receiver. The condenser is responsible for the refrigerant gas (sometimes call Freon) for being cooled and turned into liquid. The compressor cycles the Freon and then it is compressed and made hot again. The evaporator is where the process begins by the ambient air heat evaporating and becoming a cooling mist.

This process may sound quite complex, and when that air conditioning in the car breaks down in the blazing summer, you want to be able to go to an auto part store and find exactly what you need. More often than not, several components may go out at the same time, and you may want to get both the part and the maintenance service at the same place. You want to go to a store that will also repair the climate control unit, as well as providing for the parts. Neal Tire & Auto Service provides such services in Bloomington, Illinois. In addition, they provide other automotive-related services such as the sale of tires and miscellaneous auto products. You can get more information on how to take advantage of their services by visiting their website