Landscapers in Phoenix are Experienced in Working With the Drought and They Can Install a Water System to Solve the Problem

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Lawns in the phoenix area are susceptible to damage from drought, insects and invasive weeds. Homeowners are not always certain about the best method of solving these problems. A landscaper with experience in desert landscaping is the person to turn to for help with these problems. There are other landscape needs which a knowledgeable landscaper can help with.


It is necessary to have a lawn irrigation system operated by a controller which turns the system on and off at pre-determined times. The irrigation emitters are installed to water every area of the grass. Adequate water combined with fertilizer will keep the grass green and thick. ServiceSergio’s Lawn Service in Phoenix are experienced in lawn care for the area.


Trees need to be trimmed to provide a beautiful shape and good growth. Fertilizing trees is essential to promoting good growth. Some trees need to be on a water cycle which will cause the roots to go deep in the ground to get water in the dry periods. Landscapers in Phoenix have the knowledge required to trim a tree. Trees need to be cut back if they are growing together. This is unsightly and harmful to the trees. Trees are susceptible to insects such as grubs which will eat the roots and destroy the trees. It is important to treat the soil immediately to kill grubs feasting on your trees. The landscaper will know how to deal with grubs.


Shrubs and other bushes used to hide an air conditioner or a phone cable box should be pruned to avoid an overgrowth. These need to be fertilized to promote thick growth and beautiful shapes, but they should not interfere with the operation of the air conditioner.


Phoenix landscapers can transform a yard with flowers and flowering plants so you would have color most of the year. A landscaper can create a beautiful flower bed in areas of the yard where flower beds will be a stand-out feature of the home.

Cutting the grass in the Phoenix area is an art as well as a science. If the grass is cut too close to the soil, it may damage the grass and an a bare spot will form. In the interim, insects can invade the soil and create more problems.