Landscaping With Bark In Portland

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Landscaping your yard with Bark in Portland has many advantages. These include improving the appearance of your yard, reducing the amount of weeds and keeping your soil moist. If you’re interested in landscaping your yard with bark, below are some common questions about this natural landscaping material.

Q.) What kinds of bark mulch are available?

A.) Bark mulch is available in nugget or pebble sized. Nuggets range from one to three inches in size and these are perfect to use as a ground cover. Pebbles are smaller than nuggets and these pieces all measure around one inch in size. The smaller sized bark mulch is easier to spread and covers the ground more evenly than the nugget bark.

Q.) What are the different colors of bark mulch?

A.) The colors of bark mulch in Oregon differ depending on the kind of tree that the bark is from. You can also purchase dyed bark mulch in various shades of brown including light, dark and reddish brown.

Q.) How much bark mulch will I need for my flower bed?

A.) For best results, you’ll want a thickness of around two to three inches of bark mulch around your flowers. If you replace your mulch in the spring, remove the old mulch first so your plants will get the most nutrients. Measure the size of your flower bed or mulching area before purchasing your bark. When buying bagged mulch, each bag will list the amount of ground that it will cover and you can use this chart to determine the amount of mulch you’ll need. If you’re placing bark around your trees, place it at least six inches away from the tree and make a two to four foot circle around the base of the tree.

Q.) I need a lot of bark mulch for my landscaping project, can I purchase it in bulk?

A.) A professional landscaping company can bring you a truck load of Bark in Portland and use their bark blowing equipment to place it where you need it. This system is quick, efficient and time saving for you. is your one stop shop for all of your landscaping supplies in Oregon. They have a huge selection of grass seed, sod, mulch, bark, chips, topsoil and sand. Other services include rock installation, building retaining walls and bark blowing.