Laser removal of facial spider veins

by | May 27, 2014 | Health

Spider veins, technically known as “telangiectasias” show up as red blotches any tiny veins which are evident on the face, these spider veins can be removed by surgical procedures. There is no apparent reason for this condition but it is thought to be caused by various factors such as genetics, hormone therapy, over exposure to the sun and aging. The treatment procedures use light and laser removal in MD, these light sources supply energy to the spider vein which is absorbed right into the vessels. This energy and the accompanying heat causes the vessel to clog up, they then are simply absorbed into the body resulting in a vein free face.

It is important that the dermatologist is fully aware of the patient’s medical history and any previous treatments. This is important as no two people respond to surgery in the same way. The elimination of facial spider veins is not really painful, when the laser delivers the light pulse the sensation is something like a rubber band being snapped against the skin. If the patient has a low tolerance to pain, anesthesia can be used. After the treatment, which only takes a few minutes, there is rarely any residual pain or discomfort. Tiny vessels take two or three surgeries while larger and darker veins will require more sessions. The sessions are scheduled every four or five weeks; this gives the skin time to heal.

Facial spider vein treatments include laser removal in MD. The laser puts out a burst of energy; this energy is absorbed by the vessel but not the tissue surrounding it. The heat from the laser destroys the capillaries.

There are a number of different types of lasers used in dermatology, the laser used to eliminate facial spider veins was originally developed to treat birthmarks and similar skin defects such as blotches. There is no danger associated with the use of the laser, it is perfectly safe and millions of people have been treated. There may be a slight bruise and a little redness after the procedure but these effects rapidly disappear. There is no risk of scaring when facial spider veins are removed, if the veins were on the cheeks it may take a little more time to heal but rarely more than five days.

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