Discovering Your Right To Alimony Through An Attorney In Waukesha, WI

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Wisconsin enforces strict divorce laws. Among these laws are those that apply to spousal and child support. After a careful review of the case, a judge renders a decision as to whether or not a spouse receives alimony, and the value of the child-support payments awarded. If you wish to include alimony into your divorce claim or seek custody of your children, you should consult an attorney in Waukesha WI area before you proceed.


Alimony is designed to cushion the financial blow of a divorce. In circumstances in which the spouse is unable to support themselves or cannot acquire adequate earnings without suffering a hardship, alimony could be awarded. As it is designed to help spouses who are dependent financially, the judge will consider the spouse’s work experience, when making a decision. A couple who has been married for at least ten years is subject to this requirement after a divorce.

Child Support with Alimony

As an Attorney in Waukesha WI will tell you, child custody is typically no more than sixty percent of the non-custodial parent’s income. The value is established by the number of children produced during the marriage, the duration of the marriage, and the income of the non-custodial parent. If the court awards alimony to a former spouse in addition to child support, the county could combine these payments.

Alimony is not a guaranteed form of income for a long duration in all cases. Some judges could limit the amount of alimony awarded. For instance, if the former spouse could achieve the same lifestyle, he or she possessed during the marriage after a continuation of their education, it is possible that they will receive alimony only during the time that they attend college.

Couples who were married for a considerable number of years in which a spouse was a homemaker primarily, it is possible for them to acquire alimony throughout the rest of their lives. As an Attorney explains, the alimony payments will stop when the former spouse becomes remarried. It does not matter whether or not he or she could achieve the same lifestyle in their previous marriage. As soon as he or she is married to another individual, the alimony payments cease completely.