Learn About Art Shipping In New York Before Hiring A Company

by | May 28, 2014 | Moving and Storage

Whether you own one painting or an entire collection it is critical to ensure that your fine art is protected when it needs to be moved. You may be moving cities, moving to a new country or selling your art to a buyer nationally or internationally. Regardless of the reason, getting the best company that provides art shipping is essential.

If it is your first experience in having to ship or move valuable artwork, especially paintings, sketches or drawings, it can be difficult to determine just what you may need. There are a lot of companies advertising quality, professional art shipping, but are they really experienced and do they really have the proven track record to back up their claims?

Materials Used

When you are talking to different companies offering art shipping it is important to ask how they will protect and safeguard your painting or piece of art while in transit and storage.

Take notes of how the company outlines there recommended method and compare it to the same information from at least 2 other companies. Top companies are going to ask you questions as well because different packing materials are acceptable for different types of art. For instance, do they recommend a plastic wrap across the face of the painting or do they use cotton or white linen to avoid any potential damage with the chemicals in the plastic, humidity, heat and the paint surface?

Climate Controlled

Top companies offering art shipping will also emphasis the importance of climate controlled storage for the painting and art at each step of the moving process. This means that their storage units are climate controlled and so are the vehicles used to transport your valuable pieces.

Of course, crating to protect both the stability of the piece during the move as well as to ensure complete protection of the entire piece is also critical. This is particularly true if you have to store the painting or piece for a short or long period of time or have to ship nationally or internationally.

Look for companies that offer art shipping in New York with custom crating. This means that the crate is designed and selected to provide optimum protection to your valuables, whatever size they may be.

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