Learn About How Otoplasty in NJ Can Help Children and Adults

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When a person’s ears protrude out from the face or head, it can be disturbing to live with. Because the ears are features that are easily seen, it can cause low self-esteem. There are a variety of reasons the ears may stick out, each of which can be resolved by the right plastic surgeon. They can perform a simple that can make the ears protrude less, helping a person increase his self-esteem.

Physical Deformity

Sometimes people are simply born with a deformity that involves their ears. Whether they have ears that stick out at a larger angle than normal, they have suffered an ear injury or were born with a physical deformity, they might be a good candidate for the surgery. In addition, severely protruding ears can prohibit a person from wearing certain hats or helmets and can even affect a person’s ability to hear. The procedure is typically performed on children between the ages of four and 14, but many adults have it completed as well to improve their appearance and their self-esteem.

Talk to the Doctor

Before a person decides to have otoplasty in NJ, it is necessary to talk to their doctor about all aspects of the surgery. As with any procedure, they need to discuss the risks and complications to determine if they are willing to take the risk. They should also discuss what realistic outcome they should expect. The more informed a person is before the procedure, the happier he will be with the results.

Prepare for Recovery

While the actual procedure is not overly invasive, it does require patients to lay low during the week following the surgery. There will be a bandage that is wrapped around the patient’s head that needs to remain there for around a week. Regular activities are typically put on hold for a week or two and a loose headband is worn at night to give the ears support while sleeping.

Anyone who has suffered from protruding ears all their life could benefit from looking into otoplasty in NJ. This simple procedure can help reduce the distance ears stick out, allowing a person to increase his self-esteem, as well as help him wear certain hats or helmets comfortably. The procedure is relatively easy and as long as doctor’s orders are followed, the recovery is minimal, providing patients with a successful plastic surgery that can enhance their self-esteem.

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