Leaving your Furry Friend at Doggie Day Care

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We all love our dogs, but there may be some times when you would like to take a short trip out of town or need to tend to some business away from home for the day. Your dog may not always be able to join you on these trips. When that happens, where do you leave your four legged friend while you are away? Sign up for doggie day care in Walnut Creek! Dogs that stay at a doggie day care are given plenty of attention, love and play time so they rarely miss their humans. In fact, many dogs enjoy daycare so much.

Doggie Day Care for Energetic Pups

Many people live in apartments or smaller homes and have dogs which love to run and play. This is fine if you have plenty of time to walk and exercise your friend, but what happens if you injure your leg and are unable to enjoy those daily jogs with your pet? You can consider taking him to a doggie day care in Walnut Creek. This is a great opportunity for your dog to burn off that extra energy and get loads of healthy exercise in a safe indoor or outdoor environment.

Your Dog can Learn Manners too!

Spending time in a day care setting can also help your dog learn basic manners during playtime. Sharing toys, playing with other dogs, or playing gently with human caretakers is an important skill for every dog to know and understand. Not only will this make your dog happier and healthier, but it will keep neighboring dogs and children around your home safer. While doggie day care is not the same as a training class, your dog will still be able to pick up new skills and manners during his or her stay.

Making your Dog Feel at Home

Even though a doggie day care facility may be completely new and unfamiliar to your dog, there are steps you can take to help your dog adjust to the new surroundings. A favorite blanket, pillow or toy goes a long way to helping your friend settle in while you are away. Additionally, when you leave, it’s always best not to make a big deal about the departure. Dogs read body signals and can tell when you are upset or afraid, so when you leave, always feel upbeat and act happy. This will signal your dog to relax and be interested in the new area instead of fretting about you leaving. Your dog might end up having so much fun he won’t even notice you are gone!