Let Pest Control Services in Oklahoma City Eliminate Creatures that Cause Destruction or Bite You

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There are many insects and animals targeted by pest control services in Oklahoma City. While some of them are merely annoying, others can bite people or cause structural damage to buildings. Here are some of the pests that fall into this category:


Even though termites don’t bite humans, they are extremely damaging to structures. Even houses that seem like they aren’t made of wood can be destroyed by these insects. That’s because almost all houses have wooden joists and subflooring that the termites can eat. Without these essential elements, the house can come crashing down. Therefore, it’s important to get regular termite inspections and schedule extermination services from a company like Accura Pest Control if evidence of these pests is found.


Fleas are a common problem for pet owners. These insects attack the pets at first, but once enough of a population builds up, they’ll go for the humans in the house as well. Getting rid of them requires a multi-pronged approach. The pets must be treated to eliminate the parasites, and before the treated pet comes home, the house and yard also need to be treated. This will prevent reinfestation of all of these preferred flea hiding places. If you have no pets, you may encounter the frustrating situation where your yard or house end up infested anyway. This happens when neighbors have flea-infested pets or infested cats come on or near your property. The fleas jump off of their hosts and end up on your land. From there, they jump onto you or your clothes and get in your house. Have pest control services in Oklahoma City spray your house and yard with a long-lasting flea killer to stop this problem.


Even though mice can carry disease, this usually isn’t the biggest risk to homeowners. The fact that rodents like to chew wires, rip up books, and cause general destruction to the house and its contents is a bigger problem. They also make shockingly loud, creepy noises at night that can destroy your ability to sleep well. Therefore, you will want to call for pest control if you have more rodents than can be handled with a trap or two.