Let the Professionals Handle Water Damage Restoration in Oklahoma City

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At home or at your business, water-related emergencies are serious and need to be addressed immediately. Whether the cause is a storm, broken pipes, or the combination of smoke and water damage that follows a fire, if the water isn’t removed quickly, the damage can be multiplied. Standing water can cause weakening of walls and floors, and can lead to biological threats from mold and mildew. Experts in Water Damage Restoration in Oklahoma City will respond at any hour. They have the training, experience, and specialized equipment needed to go into a building that has sustained water damage and safely get it dried out and habitable again quickly.

Before the actual water extraction process begins, the cause of the water has to be determined and removed. If it’s a hole in your roof, it will need to be temporarily repaired with a tarp. If the cause is a burst pipe, the water needs to be shut off. Electricity will need to be shut off as well, to prevent any possibility of electrocution. At that point, an assessment is made as to the condition of the building to determine if it is safe enough to work in. If the building is structurally sound enough to begin working in, the water damage restoration in Oklahoma City experts will begin to rearrange or even remove items in order to make room for the professional water removal equipment that will be needed. Once the area has been completely dried out and equipment removed, your belongings will be returned to their original location.

When removing water, a number of pieces of gear are used, including submersible pumps, wet-vacs, commercial fans and heavy-duty dehumidifiers. If the water has been standing for any appreciable length of time, an anti-microbial agent may also be used in order to reduce the need for mold remediation later. If the water damage in your home or business is fairly small and limited to a very localized area, you may want to consider renting some basic water removal equipment and doing the job yourself. If you do decide to go that route you’ll at least want to discuss your project with the professionals who rent you the equipment. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience to make your job easier and more effective.

Flood Masters has the experienced crew and technical expertise to handle your water-related emergencies 24/7. Let them show you what they can accomplish.