Looking Up to Discover the Beauty of the Cast Iron District

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In 1973 the City of New York designated Soho as the Cast Iron Historical District. The district has the largest existing concentration of buildings with cast iron façades not only in North America, but in the world. Buildings in the area offer both full and partial cast iron façades. The centre of the district is located at Green and Spring Streets and to get a full appreciation for the architecture you have to look up at the buildings to see their true beauty.

History of the Architecture

In the first few decades of the 19th century the area was residential. However as industry grew in NYC many houses were converted to commercial use. By mid century the area was converted to mainly commercial. There were also many federal period buildings with thirty being identified in the historical area. In the 60’s and 70’s artists flocked to the commercial spaces when seeking light and airy spots to open their studios. As spaces grew in demand so did the affordable rent and soon chased artists out of the area leaving behind plenty of loft space to be converted into pricey condos. Condominiums for Sale in Soho NYC today vary from converted industrial spaces to new gleaming glass towers.

What to look for

When touring the Cast Iron District it is important to look up to capture the stunning details associated with cast iron facades. Filigrees, columns and lovely cast iron fire escapes are often located at the tops of the buildings. Arched windows are another common sight that adds to the beauty of the buildings. Bay windows are often spotted as well. Some of the buildings worth visiting include:

  • 488 Broadway 1857 by John P. Gaynor

  • 112 Prince Street 1889 by Richard Berger

  • 435 Broome Street 1873 by William Appleton Potter

  • 478-482 Broadway 1873-74 by Richard Morris Hunt

  • 462 Broadway 1879 by John Correja

  • 28-30 Greene Street 1872 by Isaac F. Duckworth

Guided tours are also available so you don’t miss out on any of the real gems. However a self-guided walking tour can also allow you to explore on your own terms and stop in to shop or dine when it moves you.

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