Luxurious Yet Rustic Lodging in Brown County IN

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Lodging

Log cabins are often seen as a rustic creation of the settlers of the New World, making them typically an American design. However, these cozy and sturdy homes were built for centuries before European settlers made their way across the Atlantic.

Some interesting log cabin facts:

  • The oldest log cabin ever discovered was found to have been built in approximately 800 B.C.
  • Log-built homes are earthquake resistant. The may slant, but will not collapse.
  • The original frontier log cabins were very small. These one-room structures were rarely more than 250 square feet in total with only a loft for sleeping.
  • It is well known that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin, but this does not make him unique. An additional six other U.S. presidents were also born in these structures as well.
  • Log cabins are rarely built with hardwoods. This is because they are too expensive, heavy and tree large enough to get logs from are rarely straight enough to use

The image of the log cabin is one of both comfortable and cozy but also romantic getaways. They are a unique design in that they are equally perfect as a rugged hunting lodge as they are for a honeymoon hideaway.

This is why when you are looking for the perfect Lodging Brown County IN, there is Moondance Vacation Homes. They offer a collection of private vacation home rentals that offer comfortably furnished log homes with exciting extra amenities. These including a private hot tub, grills and outdoor fire pits.

Even though you will have a secluded, hidden location, you will still be able to enjoy wonderful services like cable or satellite TV, pool table and fully equipped kitchen. Just bring along your own food and beverages and firewood and they will provide the rest.

Moondance offers even more than log cabins at their Lodging Brown County IN. There is also a farmhouse, condo with amazing view and so much more. The various units allow families and friends the opportunity to vacation in comfort without sacrificing style. Perfect for a young and old, these cabins are the perfect way to get away from it all while still enjoying all the comforts of home.

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