Maintenance Tips: Sprinkler Repair in Spokane Only When Needed

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Sure, you are going to need sprinkler repair in Spokane at some point, but the key is to try to reduce repairs as much as you can. The more you are able to reduce repairs, the more you’ll end up saving, and that is what the following tips will help with.

Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

The following are some tips to remember though you can contact Spokane ProCare to learn more if you want:

  • Test your sprinkler system. Put out empty tuna cans while your sprinklers are running. About an inch of the cans should be filled with water. If you see more or less water, this may be telling you there is a leak or adjustments are needed.
  • Make sure you have your system adjusted according to the season and shade. If one part of your lawn gets more shade, then it’ll need less water. This should help reduce the pressure your sprinklers are dealing with.
  • Walk the lawn every so often, and look for puddles or dry ones. Both of these could indicate a leak or some other issue. Catching an issue early on can reduce your repair costs.
  • Install a rain sensor. These sensors shut off your sprinkler system if they sense there is enough moisture.

Taking these steps should help reduce the amount you spend on sprinkler repair in Spokane.

When you are ready to talk to an expert, make sure you contact Spokane ProCare to set up an appointment to evaluate your system, which you can do by visiting us.