Make Your Visits to the Vet Less Stressful for Your Pet

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Pets are smart. And they know when you’re taking them on a trip to the vet. If those trips stress your furry friends out, here are tips to help you prepare them for a fun and positive visit to the vet.

Handle Your Pet

Get your pets used to being handled. That will happen a lot during vet visits. If you get them used to being touched on their ears, feet, and mouth, that next trip to an animal clinic in Los Angeles won’t have to be a disaster.

Use a Carrier or Crate

It would be best to transport your pet in a carrier or crate. That way, they can’t jump out of the window of the car, get lost, or hurt themselves. However, that does tend to make pets associate carriers with vet visits. This is why you’ll need to try the next suggestion.

Bring Treats

Help your pet relax inside the carrier. Put treats inside. This can help calm your cat or dog down. It’s also a good idea to use the carrier for more than visits to the vet, so your pet doesn’t automatically think you’re heading over for another shot or checkup.

Exercise Your Pet

If your dog has too much energy, you can play with your pet. If your pet has exercised enough, that usually gets rid of any excess energy they have. By the time you and your pet visit the animal clinic, your pooch will tired, and so, will be more relaxed.

Stay Calm

Pets can smell your emotions. Your dog can tell if you’re stressed, anxious, or frustrated and will take its cue from you. If you’re wondering why your dog seems tensed before that visit to the vet, take a good look at yourself. Calm down, so your pet won’t pick up on any tension or anxiety. Angel City Animal Hospital