Manage Your Septic System With Septic Tank Maintenance in Maui

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Business

Keeping your septic system clean and flowing properly in Maui is an important function of owning a home. Even when you are renting or leasing that home to another family it is your responsibility to ensure the plumbing operates properly. However, keeping the septic system functioning properly sometimes requires more than just pumping the tank empty. septic tank maintenance in Maui is one of the beneficial tasks performed by companies like Valley Isle Pumping to ensure your plumbing always drains the way it’s supposed to.

The primary step in this maintenance is cleaning the system which normally consists of pumping the waste out. In some cases the system may need to be washed which can often be done with a simple water hose, although a high pressure system can usually perform a better job. Another important task is inspecting the tank and lines to ensure your system is up to standards. These standards can be important when upgrading the home or if you decide it’s time to sell.

In some cases the homeowner may not know much about the septic system, perhaps it came with the home or was installed years ago and they have forgotten the details. Regardless, they may not recall if the system has an access pipe or where the tank is located. When it comes time for your next Septic Tank Maintenance in Maui the technicians can use a video based system to locate where these items are and how full the tank is. If they can’t easily get to the access pipe then they will usually remove the toilet and access the sewer lines that way.

Another waste product of homes and some businesses is collected in a grease trap. Not as many homes use this method any more, but older installations might still have them. However, many restaurants use them to collect old grease and waste oils to keep them out of the trash system. Collecting this old grease is critical for two reasons. One, the tanks are usually rather small, fifty gallons or so and two, the oils are turned into bio-diesel which is important for our energy concerns.

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