Matching Up with the Best Bail Bondsman in New Haven

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Bail Bonds

Founded over 14 years ago, Affordable Bail Bonds has serviced the majority of Connecticut. They have led those arrested out of jail and away from an extended period of time in prison. Through honest strategies, Affordable Bail Bonds places families first. Troubled times lie ahead for everyone, and it always comes in an unexpected form. Families can not always predict an arrest, and they rarely have the funds put aside to match a bail bond. But the office arranges for deflated bails through 24/7 accessibility and a well-trained team of responsive agents. Bail Bondsman in New Haven have never been better.

Eight counties in Connecticut remain under the wide umbrella of Affordable Bail Bonds. Bonds do not need to exceed $25,000. They can be relatively affordable. But this task is not met with a bail bond firm that does not place an emphasis on saving families money. An arrested individual must be processes. This is unavoidable. Processing means the matching of fingerprints, the formal booking of the arrested individual, and the notorious mug shot phase. But within minutes of the booking, Bail Bondsman in New Haven can release a defendant from the clutches of the prison system. This is because they are already acting on your release before one is ever even booked through a well implemented monitoring program. Visit their website

The most common crimes tackled by Affordable Bail Bonds are DUI, burglary, and general petty crimes. Even the infamous DUI charge can only warrant a few hours stay if it is a first time charge. The stigma against DUI’s is growing by the day. This makes getting a DUI defendant out of prison for the night a challenging process.

Affordable Bail Bonds tackles DUI, and other issues, across five locations. This is the case whether a bail bond is immediately posted, reserved for 48 hours, or pushed to tens of thousands of dollars by the courts. The goal is always to service the community in the most realistic and honest way possible. The office is confirmed to be one of the lowest in the entire state. When it comes to being imprisoned, Bail Bondsman in New Haven is the only reliable and smart choice.

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