Mediterranean Cuisine Can Be Found Deep in the Heart of Houston Texas

In a city like Houston you expect to find plenty of steakhouses, restaurants specializing in Texas style barbeque, and down home cooking like your Mama’s. Finding a restaurant known for Mediterranean Cuisine Houston is somewhat unexpected, but pleasantly so. If you have never tasted Mediterranean food, you need to give it a try.

Mediterranean dishes contain quantities of roasted vegetables and meats, dips made from vegetables, and hot pita bread to scoop up every delicious bite. Some of the dishes you might find on the menu at a restaurant featuring Mediterranean Cuisine Houston are lamb shanks, beef or vegetable kabobs, gyros, and shawerma for the entree. Side dishes could include baba ghanough, labnee, tataziki, and hummus. Mediterranean food is known for its use of feta cheese, olives, roasted lamb, pita bread, vegetables, tahini, and grape leaves. These dishes can be a little on the spicy side. Garlic is used a lot in Mediterranean food as well as tahini. It can be a little on the spicy side, so make sure you order plenty of beverages with your meal.

Locating a Mediterranaen restaurant in Houston is not that difficult. You can rely on the yellow pages or go online to find the one nearest your home or where you work. Speaking of work, lunch from a Mediterranean restaurant would be a welcome change of pace for you and your co-workers. Pass up the fast food joint and dine in or carry out your lunch. Too busy to leave the office, order online and have a hot, delicious gyro and some savory labnee delivered right to your desk. If you are planning an event that needs a catering service, consider one of these fine restaurants to provide the food. Your guests will be treated to a menu of authentic Mediterranean dishes. Whether you love Mediterranean food or have never tried it, there are restaurants in Houston and in your city where you can satisfy your cravings or fall in love at first bite.

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