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3 Ways to Prevent Residential Electrical Problems in St Louis, MO

The best way to prevent an electrical emergency in your home is by keeping an eye open for warning signs. Here are the three biggest factors to look for to keep your home safe.

Regularly Check Your Breaker Box

A lot of common electrical emergencies occur due to faulty breakers in your electrical panel. You are more likely to prevent an issue before it becomes a problem by taking a quick look at your breakers every month. If you have a breaker that constantly trips, then that’s a red-flag that you’re electrical system is not working properly.

Look for Damage Around Outlets

Your outlets can become damaged over time when there’s a problem with your home’s wiring. Heat damage can occur when an outlet is overloaded for long periods of time. It may also be a sign that your breakers are not shutting off properly. You should inspect every outlet for warping every month. If an outlet seems loose, then you should stop using it until it can be serviced by a licensed Emergency Electrician in St Louis, MO expert.

Watch for Unexpected Increases in Utility Bills

An unexpected increase in your electrical bills may be a sign of an electrical shortage somewhere in your home, but one of the biggest hazards to your electrical system is water damage. Keep a close eye on your water usage to make sure that you don’t have any small leaks that could potentially harm the electrical components in your walls. If you suspect there’s an issue that might affect your electrical system, then immediately turn off the main breaker switch.

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