Metal Roofs – what you need to know

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There are many different types of material you can use on your roof, like asphalt, slate or tile. For some though, metal can be a great alternative (over the whole life span of your house) but it is not as well known and neither are its benefits. The Metal Roofing Alliance offers these two key pointers when thinking about whether metal roofing may be suitable for you.

What are the costs of metal roofs versus other materials?
The Metal Roofing Alliance says that metal roofing may cost up to three times that of asphalt but it tends to work out better when pitted against tile or cedar shake. It is however, less expensive than slate.

The good news though, is that most metal roofs come with very long-life guarantees (maybe up to 50 years), which can mean that you won’t need to redo them in the same way that you might with other roofing materials.

A metal roof will last longer
The Metal Roofing Alliance states that a metal roof can generally last anywhere up to 60 years and possibly more. That means it may last 2-3 times more than other types of material. (It states the average life expectancy of an asphalt roof may be anywhere up to 20 years although this can vary with the weather and pitch of the roof). This is because a metal roof will not be so prone to the elements and decomposition as other types of material. For example, wood shingle may need to be replaced every twenty years because it will be prone to suffer from the weather. Concrete tiles can sometimes break or change shape if they are used on roofs in climates where there are large changes in the temperature, i.e. they will freeze in cold temperatures then expand when in hot temperatures.

Metal roofs offer other advantages
If you decide to go with metal roofing in Fort Worth TX, it may be advantageous to think about how much your home will be worth as a result – metal roofs can be seen as adding to the value because they do not need replacing (something that may be attractive to future buyers). Also they are likely to add benefits in that they reduce the cost of electricity bills (again, another advantage for you or the future owner of your home). The Metal Roofing Alliance offers some good pointers to start.


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