Military, Aerospace, Aviation Fasteners & More

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Whether you need aviation fasteners for an aircraft or aerospace project, or you need items for another industry application, trust a knowledgeable supplier to meet your needs. Regardless of the field you specialize in, well-stocked fastener companies carry an extensive array of bolts, screws, washers, nuts, and fittings sure to live up to your quality expectations and standards. In addition to selling popular fastener choices and top-brand products, some companies have the skill and equipment to create personalized fastener solutions based on clients’ requirements.

The Products You Need

Mechanical fasteners are essential to a wide variety of projects, such as the construction and repair of various aircraft components – from the wings to the engine. The aircraft and aerospace industries utilize many different types of fasteners to complete applications securely and efficiently. You can rely on a well-stocked supplier for all of the commonly used aviation fasteners, which include many different types of bolts, twine, screws, pins, nuts, nut plates, washers, rivets, fluid fittings, sandwich structure fasteners, and more. Each type of fastener plays a pivotal role in ensuring functionality, reliability, and safety.

Creating Headed Bolts

Headed bolts of various designs, sizes, and styles can be made from many different types of metals. Some manufacturers and suppliers forge aircraft and aerospace bolts based on their customers’ specifications. The process of creating a new bolt involves cutting a sized blank and placing it into an induction heater, and then into a heading press which punches down to create the head of the bolt. Afterward, the bolt is heat treated, customized, and properly threaded. After being tested for quality, strength, and durability, the component is thoroughly inspected for any points of weakness.

Fasteners in Other Industries

Many manufacturing companies sell a wide range of products to aviation experts, because durable, practical, and up-to-date fasteners are vital to ensure projects are safe and successful. However, fasteners aren’t exclusive to aerospace and aviation, and are necessary in just about any industry that constructs applications involving architecture, machines, and equipment. Automobile manufacturers, various branches in the army, racing organizations, medical equipment manufacturers, and a wide variety of other professionals rely on fastener suppliers for first-rate products and dependable service.

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