Mirrors Make an Excellent Design Element to your Home

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Fifth Avenue Real Estate can often feature mirror detailing that adds sparkle and glamour to a home. Mirrors are coming back into style and are being used to add an interesting look from backsplashes in kitchens to a design element in foyers.

Mirror Backsplashes

Mirrors make excellent backsplashes for a number of reasons. First they are easy to clean with a spritz of glass cleaner and a paper towel. Second they can add space between the counters and upper cabinets which can give the illusion you have higher kitchen ceilings. Mirrors can also be used on the front of an island to add some sparkle and a touch of glamor. This works particularly well when facing windows where natural light can be captured and reflected into the apartment.

Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms are perfect for mirrors which can be used in place of tiles. They offer a reflective surface ideal for getting dressed, shaving and putting on makeup while providing a surface that will not be harmed by the humidity of the room. As with kitchen backsplashes using mirror in the bathroom offers an easy to maintain surface. You can also add a sense of retro glam on vanity doors and drawers paired with crystal pulls.

Welcome Home

Your entry hall or foyer is another good spot to add mirrors. They offer a sparkling welcome while opening up what can often prove to be a tight space. You also want to have a mirror to take a quick look at yourself on the way out the door and allow guests the opportunity to give themselves a once over before joining you for dinner or drinks.

Spacious Wall Covering

Mirrors are also being applied to walls of all heights and lengths. Mirrors add space, bring in light and also can provide an interesting perspective depending on what they reflect. They add space to small rooms and light to larger rooms. Mirrors can also take full advantage of stunning views. If you have an excellent view, a rooftop garden or even pure blue sky, mirrors can capture them and provide a sense of moving art on your walls.

Short Narrow Hallways

Placing mirrors at the end of short narrow hallways can really get rid of that claustrophobic feeling. It also helps to add a few recessed halogen lights that can shine down in the hall and add sparkle to the mirror.

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