Mud Pumping in Mississippi Protects Concrete Slabs

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With the expansive soils routinely seen in Mississippi, foundations often shift or settle, requiring repairs. Area companies specialize in stabilizing foundations for commercial and residential properties. Even after the foundation has been repaired, mud pumping in Mississippi is recommended to fill voids beneath the slab areas.

Area contractors like Ewing and Ray Foundation Services specialize in providing a variety of repair services for repairing foundation problems. Commonly seen soil types in Mississippi expand and contract in ways that often result in foundations shifting both horizontally and vertically. Those shifts require correction to avoid structural issues resulting from extensive and irregular pressures on building components. Contractors identify the problem and tailor the type of repair needed to restore the structural integrity of any building.

While some people lump all types of foundation repairs into one category, specialists can explain the differences between mudjacking, mud pumping and concrete pumping to clients to help them understand the differences and why one is preferred over the others for specific situations. Mud pumping in Mississippi generally refers to the process of filling a void beneath a concrete slab that is created when water washes soils away or when other foundation repairs lift the slab, creating a void. The space is filled with material designed to eliminate the void without actually lifting the slab.

Foundation specialists use mudjacking, as opposed to mud pumping, to actually lift the slab. Again, a concrete based material is forced into the void, but that mix is intended to lift the slab into its intended position rather than simply filling the void. This type of repair has become routine in recent years, especially for smaller structures, and the equipment used to complete the process is quite efficient. This same process is routinely used to lift residential driveways, sidewalks and stoops.

Mississippi contractors, often working with engineers and other architects, determine what steps are needed to repair and stabilize damaged foundations for a variety of structures. Obviously the size and weight involved when repairing the foundation of a large, multi-story building requires a different approach than repairing a typical garage slab, but area professionals are trained to handle either repair quickly and efficiently.