Naturopathy’s Growth in Popularity

There is a predominance of evidence in nature’s healing and care as all who truly study health medicine and practice can attest. That’s what has brought about the steady growth of health and care based on nature as part of the wholistic industry.

And no other place can claim such support and way of life as one who lives in Seattle, Washington where all who desires clean living feel at home.

Today, close to 40% of American adults use products and services that support the use and distribution of alternative medicine for health maintenance. And this rise of demand for nature-based healing and care is reaching into the regular grocery stores little by little.

There’s no shortage of naturopathic doctors in Seattle if you are looking for one. In fact, naturopathic doctors in Seattle or throughout Washington require state licenses with more than a handful of local colleges and universities offering such training.

This movement’s support for the use of natural remedies that nurture the body to heal itself has led to incorporating alternative therapies such as the use of herbs as medicine, massage and acupuncture for relaxation and re-channeling of the body’s neural pathways, exercise for cellular regrowth and the profession of nutritional counseling.

Naturopathic medicine doesn’t look at the physical body as the sole need for care. It looks at the whole person that looks at the mind and the spirit aside from the body. That’s why a naturopathic doctor will not just look at your health history but also your stress level and your lifestyle habits.

The focus is on the patient’s education and prevention where a naturopathic doctor may prescribe, not drugs, but a lifestyle change, complementary treatments from homeopathy and naturopathic treatments and manipulative therapy.

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