Neck Pain Relief in Sioux Falls, SD

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Health

If you are an individual that has been experiencing chronic neck pain, then you may require to visit a Sioux Falls, SD chiropractor that focuses on upper cervical care of the spine. Upper cervical care involves gently manipulating the vertebra in the upper backbone to put them back into proper alignment. When these vertebra are not correctly aligned, it can debilitating neck pain.

Visiting a chiropractor for neck pain treatment in Sioux Falls, SD will involve a consultation where you speak to the chiropractor about your health issues. During your consultation with this chiropractor, they will give you a thorough examination to receive a better idea of what might be causing the issue. In some cases, the doctor will take an x-ray to make sure they understands exactly how the backbone is aligned. They may take a lot of different measurements to look for the signs of a backbone that is not properly aligned.

In the chiropractic offices of this Neck Pain Sioux Falls SD, the chiropractor will position you carefully in the optimum position for the type of correction you require, and gently tap or move the spinal bones slightly near where your ear is located. This doesn’t involve any pain of sharp movements, but will slightly shift these bones and move them closer to the proper position. It may take a few treatments to accomplish the best results, but one time the backbone is in proper alignment you are likely to see an improvement in your health and experience less pain. Regular visits will help to significantly minimize this issue.

Once the Neck Pain Sioux Falls SD chiropractor understands which vertebra are not properly aligned, they will know how to treat the issue. Not only can a misaligned upper vertebra interfere with spinal function, but it can interfere with nerve signals getting to the brain. When your neck is properly aligned, you will suddenly find yourself feeling better than you have felt in years. You also won’t have to depend on having to take prescription pain medications to manage your pain, because chiropractic medicine does it naturally and holistically.


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