Need a Privacy or Chain Link Fence? Hire a Fencing Company in Williamsport

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Homeowners and businesses often need to install a fence to enhance the beauty of their property, provide privacy or to protect property. Fences need to be installed properly or they will fail to meet these goals. A tall privacy fence could also injure a person if it falls on them. Therefore customers carefully review the credentials of the Fencing Company in Williamsport that they hire. Often Rutkoski Fencing is the company that customers choose, because they trust the fact that this family-owned company has over 60 years experience. Their skilled technicians know how to install all types of fences from the residential white picket fence to a heavy-duty commercial chain link fence topped with barbwire.

PVC fencing has replaced many wood fences over the last 20 years. It can be fashioned as a three-foot picket fence to enhance a home’s curb appeal. It can also be a six-foot privacy fence topped with a trellis. Horse owners could even install it to keep horses safely in their pasture. While it can do everything that a wood fence can do, it requires no maintenance. If it gets dirty a garden hose or power washer can easily rinse off the grime. Of course wood fencing is still available and makes a lovely visual statement. Owners who are willing to paint it every two or three years can still enjoy it’s beauty.

Dog owners with large or aggressive breeds can ensure their safety with a strong chain link fence kennel. These allow the dog to see what’s going on around them, but prevent curious children and adults from being bitten. A Fencing Company in Williamsport can quickly install a chain link fence around a construction site. The price of metals has made copper pipe an attractive item for thieves who then easily redeem it as scrap metal. In this case, the chain link fence can be topped with wire to discourage thieves from climbing over it. When the job is finished, it is easy to remove the support poles and role up the chain link fence. It can then be transported to another job site and reused.