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by | Aug 1, 2013 | Law

Generally, there are three different types of methods frequently utilized by court reporters to transcribe depositions, arbitrations, legal proceedings, and other important events. Stenographs, stenomasks, and digital equipment are all used in certified court reporting depending on the reporter’s skill level, the environment, and the demands of the client. These methods are implemented by full-time, official court transcriptionists and reporting firms who assist various types of organizations. Each reporting instrument presents its own unique set of benefits and challenges, but gives reporters the ability to adjust their approach based on the circumstances of the situation for the best results.

Common Techniques
Typically, court reporters are pictured transcribing on stenotype machines in shorthand, which is later translated into English. However, real-time reporters are able to stream shorthand through a system that translates it instantaneously. Real-time drafts are readable even before they’re finalized, which cuts back on service costs. Stenomasks allow reporters to speak into a specialized microphone that gives them the freedom to verbally record events without disturbing others. As the reporter records the happenings in their environment, text is instantly generated through a speech recognition system. Digital equipment, such as well-placed microphones, is used in noisier environments, and gives reporters an auditory advantage as they transcribe shorthand. In large courtrooms, classrooms, or board rooms, this method is especially useful.

Inclusive and Reliable
Certified court reporting firms offer one or more of the above mentioned options to clients for efficient transcription and all-around customer satisfaction. They’ll likely make recommendations as to which method would work best for your request. Virtually any public speaking event can be transcribed, and regardless of whether you need an arbitration, lecture, meeting, or hearing recorded, a trained and knowledgeable court reporter can complete the task for you with skill and finesse. The right reporting companies offer both availability and affordability, and meet their clients’ needs with know-how and precision.

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