Need Junk Cars or Tractors Removed? Call a Scrap Yard in Rochester, MN

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The increasing price of metal has made recycling an attractive way for many people to make additional money. Once farmers might have left old equipment on their property to rust, now they realize that they can make money if they work with a Scrap Yard in Rochester, MN. Old cars and tractors are worth money even if they aren’t running. One call to watson recycling center is all it takes to have an old tractor taken away. If a property owner has more metal products to collect and dispose of, they might want to consider using a rolloff container.

There’s a rolloff container to fit every residential or commercial need. If a homeowner wants an easy way to dispose of yard waste, they can rent an 8 or 10 yard container. These are able to fit into very small spaces. When the customer reserves a rolloff container they are asked to state if it will be used for steel/iron, copper pipe, insulated wire, aluminum, construction or household cleanup or some other type of waste. This lets the scrape yard in Rochester MN know what type of materials will be returned in the container, so they will be able to handle it in the most efficient manner.

Business owners who have a consistent production pattern can use roll-off containers to easily recycle their scrap metal and recover the cost of some of their materials. A truck will come to pick up the scrap metal on schedule. However if they have to increase production, they can request more frequent pickups or a larger container.

The Watson Recycling Center is a state of the art facility that can handle any kind of metal. It is located on a 12-acre site that provides enough room to store junk cars and aluminum cans. They use the latest digital scales to ensure that they pay people for their full load and give them a fair price. People can either bring in their metal goods or call and have them picked up. Local customers know that three generations of the same family have operated this facility and they have always had a reputation for treating their customers fairly.