New Apartments for Rent in the Heart of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Off-Campus Apartments for University of Alabama Students

You could lease premier student apartments near the University of Alabama for several semesters at great rates. Situated in the heart of Tuscaloosa, the main campus and the surrounding area offer lots of urban amenities. You can fill out an application for a new apartment just before the academic semester begins at this major university. Some student apartments near the University of Alabama offer free applications for all undergraduate students. However, you should provide all required documents in order to qualify for the free applications and other discounts or special offers. For example, your status as a full-time student must be confirmed by the university’s offices. Additionally, your academic standing will determine eligibility for renewing a lease at off-campus properties.

Studying and Playing at Off-Campus Housing in Tuscaloosa, AL

Your student apartments near the University of Alabama should have awesome amenities for leisure throughout the year. Inclement weather won’t stop your activities inside the huge lounge, which might have a game room and fireplace. Likewise, poor weather shouldn’t impact your plans for using the 24-hour, access-controlled fitness center. By contrast, warm weather will inspire you to jump into the outdoor swimming pool in the community. Similarly, sandy volleyball courts and grassy fields will provide additional spaces for outdoor activities during the summer season. Don’t hesitate to request permission to host private pool parties or other social events in the community.

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