New Laws Related To Parental Relocations In Colorado Springs, CO

by | May 17, 2014 | Attorneys

Parental Relocations Colorado Springs CO are not as simplistic as they once were. Prior to 2001, these custody arrangements would require the non-custodial parent to adjust to the move without much notice or baring on the case. He or she was subject to continue to submit custody payments and visit with their children for a shorter duration based on the new location of the child and custodial parent. With changes in these laws, further requirements are needed to make a proper determination.

Removal Requirements and Disputes

Initially, the custodial parent is required by law to submit a petition through the court for relocation. This request outlines why he or she wishes to move and their exact intent. It lists the new location, reasons why this move is beneficial to their child, and a revised visitation schedule.

The court considers this request based on the best interests of the child. An advocate is assigned to represent the child and his or her wishes. They review the reasons in which the custodial parent wants to move away, and any disputes set forth by the non-custodial parent. Next, the judge examines the relationship the child has with both parents. Educational opportunities that are available in the new location are evaluated.

A liaison reviews factors such as any emotional or potential trauma that would be caused by the move. He or she analyzes the potential for quality parenting time with each parent based on the distance and time allowances proposed. They also determine whether remaining in the home of the custodial parent represents the most appropriate setting for the child.

These examinations of factors generate the potential impact of the move on the child involved. It further allows the court to determine whether the relocation is based on a need to further benefit the child, or if it is based purely on the custodial parent’s wishes to move away from their former spouse.

In circumstances where the child has well established ties to the community, extended family, or the non-custodial parent it is not likely that the court will rule in favor of relocation. Any parent who objects to a relocation or wishes to fight for their right to seek permission for Parental Relocations Colorado Springs CO can Visit us website for further assistance.

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