New Marketing Abilities Available with Variable Data Postcard Printing

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variable data postcard printing (VDP) is a great marketing technique for many companies. This is where you can create mailing pieces that are personalized to each person you are mailing to. In essence, each individual piece of mail can be personalized with names and different information through one direct mail company so that you can save time and money. This allows your pieces to be extremely relevant and of higher quality than ever before.


The concept of printed material is definitely not a new thing, but the abilities that modern technology has given direct mail companies are new. You can ultimately create the exact design that you want, using the Internet and graphics design. Hardware and software are all updated for variable data printing so that your postcard looks like a well-polished piece of information that attracts readers.

The technology has been there, but it used to take a lot longer to perfect one single image whereas, now, the same image can be perfected in an hour or even less. Companies can produce 30-page catalogs at rates of 31,000 every seven days. The sheer amount of copies being generated is amazing. If you can print that many catalogs, think how many more you could print if you only needed a simple postcard.


Though it still takes money to pay for all the postcards and other printing you require, it can actually save you some money. Direct mail used to cost more because it took longer to create, prepare and print the items. Now, however, it takes a lot less time to create and print, which means you save money.

Be Ahead

Most companies haven’t realized just how better the technology is for direct printing, so you can get ahead of the curve and market in ways that others haven’t considered or don’t know about. Of course, this won’t always be the case and more and more companies are turning to variable data printing options for the catalogs and postcards. However, you can be seen as a cutting-edge company in the here and now.


VDP and the Internet make it a lot easier for you to get exactly what you want. Personalization is the key to getting new customers. People don’t want to feel part of a large group of face-less and nameless people. Creating mail that has their name directly printed gives them a sense of worth and need. Proofing the creation is easier with the Internet, as well.

variable data postcard printing is a great way to get more business and offers a new way of marketing. Consider McAdams Graphics today.