New or Rebuilt? Decisions to Make When you Need Transmission Repair in Chicago

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If you need Transmission Repair Chicago, your first question is likely to be “Do I need a rebuilt transmission or a new one?” Making the correct choice can be difficult, but the decision can be made easier by considering a few facts. In this article, we will explain the differences between rebuilt and new transmissions.

The Rebuilt Transmission

A rebuilt transmission is one that has been diagnosed and rebuilt and/or repaired to once again meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If properly done, a rebuilt transmission should function exactly like a new unit. However, some shops aren’t always ethical. They sell poorly rebuilt transmissions, and customers end up dissatisfied with the service they receive.

A New Transmission

As their name implies, new transmissions come straight from the manufacturer. There is less cause for concern here, because no remanufactured or old parts are used in a new transmission. Some transmission repair shops only offer new units to avoid the complaints and issues associated with rebuilt units.

The Differences Between Rebuilt and New Transmissions

Other than what’s explained above, there are a few differences between used and new transmissions. One of the biggest differences is price; a new transmission typically costs thousands more than a rebuilt unit. With a new transmission, there’s little worry about defects – every part is new, and most units come with a guarantee that lasts a certain time.

There’s an environmental component to the decision to go with a rebuilt transmission as well; a rebuilt unit is eco-friendly because it’s being kept out of the landfill.

If you decide on a rebuilt transmission for your vehicle, you should choose your repair shop or parts supplier very carefully. Ask questions about how the units are rebuilt, and determine which components are replaced. Find out if the transmission comes with a guarantee before signing a service contract. As long as you find an honest shop like SOS Transmissions, you can save a substantial amount of money by buying a rebuilt unit – but if you want total peace of mind, a new transmission is the way to go.

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