Obtaining Alcohol Help in Shelby County, AL Early

Is a loved one drinking more often now? Are family members concerned he or she may be showing the early signs of alcoholism? It’s often hard to distinguish between occasional or social drinking and the early signs of an alcohol problem. Medical professionals look to see how many symptoms listed in the DSM-5 manual are being exhibited by the patient to determine if they are developing an addiction. These symptoms include wanting a drink so badly the individual cannot think of anything else and alcohol use interfering with other areas of life. If a loved one is exhibiting symptoms, alcohol help in Shelby County AL should be obtained immediately.

At What Age Might These Symptoms Appear?

High school and college students often experiment with alcohol and may binge drinks in social settings. Be aware that binge drinking could be a sign they are developing an addiction. However, this is not the case with every person who overindulges. However, dependency on alcohol can occur at any age. What loved ones need to consider are other factors that may play a role in the development of an addiction.

What Makes a Person Predisposed to an Alcohol Addiction?

A family history of alcoholism puts a person more at risk of becoming an alcoholic. Furthermore, children from families with a lot of conflict or violence may turn to this drug and the same is true of those who live in a home with a mentally ill parent. Any person who has an existing mental health condition is prone to use alcohol or drugs as a means of self-medicating. People need to be aware of these risk factors and determine if they are also present. If they are, alcohol help in Shelby County AL should be sought. Finally, women who consume more than three drinks in a day or seven in a week are at high risk of alcoholism and the same is true of men who have more than four drinks a day or 14 in a week.

If you feel a loved one is at risk of becoming an alcoholic or already is one, don’t ignore the problem. Now is the time to seek help. Contact the Kolbe Clinic to learn about the treatment options for alcoholism or any substance abuse order. This is one call that should never be delayed as the user is putting his or her life at risk.