Offices of Dentistry in Haleiwa can Help Patients with Teeth Whitening Issues

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Dentistry

Often people who are dealing with stains on their teeth may notice it can greatly affect their quality of life. This generally occurs because a person with unsightly looking teeth will often be reluctant to smile or speak. To help in correcting this type of issue it is a good idea to visit an office of Dentistry in Haleiwa to discuss treatment options.

A dentist generally will need to examine the patient’s teeth to determine the cause of the staining problems. The treatment recommended by the dentist will generally be based on the severity of the problem and the cause as well.

In most situations, whitening treatments can be the best option. Some dentists may offer their patients professional strength teeth whitening kits for use at home. This can be especially beneficial for people have mildly discolored teeth due to drinking coffee, tea or wine.

If the patient’s teeth have stains, which are more difficult, a dentist from an office of dentistry in Haleiwa may decide the patient will achieve the best benefit if the whitening process is completed in the office. This process is generally completed by the dentist and his or her staff.

Generally, the first step in the process is for the teeth to be professionally cleaned to remove any plaque or tartar from the teeth. This will make the whitening products more effective when they are applied.

Once the teeth are cleaned, the dentist will then be able to coat the teeth individually with a solution containing hydrogen peroxide. A laser lamp will generally be applied to the teeth to improve the effectiveness of the whitening substance. This not only makes it work better but it can speed up the process as well.

When the whitening agent has become activated, it will break down into oxygen particles and they will move into the pores of the teeth whether they work at destroying stains. When these particles are eliminated, more light can enter into the tooth, which makes it look whiter and brighter.

People who are having difficulties due to the way their teeth look will find teeth whitening can be a great benefit. By being able to have their teeth whitened and brightened, a person will find their appearance will be improved. This can help them in feeling more self-confident as well.

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