One Important Item Your Home Theater is Lacking

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Something is missing from your home theater that will add just the right amount of fun and style to the room. You have the movie style popcorn machine and maybe theater seats, but a movie poster marquee is what will truly take your home theater décor up a notch or two. You can highlight your favorite movie and then swap it out whenever you want. The options are endless and the atmosphere will be perfect.

What is It?

A poster marquee is essentially a poster frame with backlighting for bringing the image to life. It often comes with lights or décor around the edges of the frame and an area at the bottom to add graphics like “Now Showing” or “Coming Soon.” This type of display is usually lit by LEDs or conventional fluorescent lights.

Variations of Marquees Available

The range of styles and forms that poster marquees take on are many, but the classic kinds tend to have a lot of the same features. Classic marquees are the ones with bulbs around the edges of the frame that are either stationary or make a chasing pattern around the edge. The traditional style is meant to be glitzy and attention grabbing while the newer models tend to take on a sleek and sophisticated look. The new kinds tend to have a shiny or brushed metal frame with backlighting that makes the movie posters come to life. These ones bring more attention to the move poster itself.

Where Have I Seen a Marquee Before?

You have probably spotted many marquees lining the walls of your local movie theaters. They bring attention to the upcoming and currently showing films by displaying the movie posters in an exciting and beautiful way. These marquees are also a great way to commemorate your favorite posters by showcasing them on the walls of your home theater or wherever you see fit. Most are used indoors although there are kinds of movie poster marquees that are more weather proof and therefore useable outdoors.

You can easily put your favorite posters to good use with a beautiful poster marquee that will light up both the poster and the room with a theatrical glow. Poster Display Cases have many different styles of marquees to fit your style and themes. Add some authentic movie theater magic to the room that was missing it before. Your friends and family will love getting the full movie experience when they step inside.