Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Chicago IL

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Oral surgery is also referred to as maxillofacial surgery. This kind of surgery is used for procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, bone grafting, jawbone correction, facial injuries and other procedures. Anything surgery relates to the hard and soft tissues of the jaw, head, teeth, neck, and gums falls under the category of oral or maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial Surgery in Chicago, IL can be done as an inpatient or outpatient solution depending on the patient’s needs. The following are some techniques used by oral surgeons.

Jaw Surgery

Jaw misalignment can create issues like teeth grinding, jaw clenching, TMJ, poorly developed bite (malocclusion), incorrect jaw position, and problems with closing and opening the mouth, eating, and chewing. All these issues can cause a variety of other problems over time like excessive wear and tear on your teeth. Corrective jaw surgery may be an option in correcting these dental problems.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implant surgery has become one of the most common forms of oral surgery. This procedure is used to replace a missing tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole set of teeth. Only a dentist/doctor that specializes in maxillofacial surgery can perform this kind of surgery. Tooth implants help preserve the integrity of the jawbone to prevent facial aging due to lost teeth. When a patient does not have ample bone density, these surgeons use bone grafts as part of the process.

Jaw and Facial Trauma

Accidents that cause facial trauma where your jaw becomes dislocated or broken require surgery. Due to the complex structure of the skull and jawbone area, surgeons with experience in maxillofacial surgery are needed to make the appropriate repairs to restore your jaw to normal function.

These are just a few examples of what an oral surgeon can do for corrective and reconstructive dental surgery. Just like with any kind of surgery, general anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation will be used for a pain-free operation. The complications and risks of these surgeries are the same as with any kind of surgical procedure. The Grand Avenue Surgical Center in Chicago, IL provides quality Maxillofacial Surgery to restore your teeth and jaw to normal function. Many procedures are performed in the office with no need for a hospital stay.