Ordering Frozen Feeder Mice Online

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Are you tired of visiting the pet store for live prey for your snake or bird of prey? Feeding live prey to your pet can not only be a hassle, but it can sometimes be dangerous for your pet itself. Whether your pet simply isn’t hungry when the prey enters its cage/tank or your pet is unable to kill on its first strike, it’s not uncommon for prey to fight back or attack the predator. If you want to ensure that your pet’s feeding is done in the safest and most humane manner, ordering Frozen Feeder Mice online can eliminate all risk and add a level of convenience for you, the pet owner.

A Few Clicks
When ordering frozen feeder mice online, you won’t be faced with any hassle. In fact, it’s easy to order large batches of prey in just a few clicks! Not only will you be able to select from various sizes of mice and rats, you can customize your quantity, as well. Mice generally will arrive pre-frozen and vacuum sealed to ensure freshness. No phone calls or visits to the pet store required. In just a few clicks, your order will be on its way.

When Rats are Too Big
If you’ve found that your snake has had a hard time swallowing rats in the past, frozen feeder mice are a great alternative. Because these mice are small and can be shipped in large quantities, they are ideal for smaller reptiles who may have shown difficulty with larger prey in the past. And while some snakes may be able to swallow larger prey, the size and weight of these rats often cause regurgitation later. Be sure to be mindful of this when choosing which rat or mouse to order for your reptile.

Because many pet owners are new to the idea of feeding frozen prey as opposed to live, it’s natural that they may have questions. Be sure to check out the website of the company you’re ordering from, as you may find useful FAQ sections that are helpful. Additionally, many suppliers are happy to answer your questions to ensure you can confidently make the switch to frozen prey.

Visit website to learn more about their frozen prey options, ideal for snakes and birds of prey. With a wide range of rats and mice to choose from, your order will arrive pre-frozen and vacuum sealed flat to ensure that packages are easy to store in your freezer.