Personalized Caskets in Cincinnati

When a death occurs, many decisions have to be made by the family. The customs and beliefs of preparing a family member’s final arrangements for funerals services and interment can vary widely, even within a local area. Funerals are the final ceremony to remember the life of the deceased in a respectful and meaningful manner. Deciding the different aspects of the preparations reflect the family customs and sanctity of a most solemn occasion. One of the personal statements that can be made by the family for the deceased is considering the selection of personalized caskets in Cincinnati.

Predominantly in North America, the terms casket and coffin are often used interchangeably. Used for the purposes of final display, containment, cremation, or burial, the main distinction between a coffin and a casket is the shape of the container. The word coffin in the English language originates from the Old French word ‘cofin’ and meant basket. A coffin is a funerary box shaped with six sides, tapered, and hexagonal or octagonal in shape. The word casket, derived from late Middle English, and originally referred to a small chest or box. Today, Caskets in Cincinnati are considered burial containers with four sides, rectangular, and have a split lid that allows viewing of the deceased.

As a way to share the memory and life story of their loved one, families now have a wide-ranging variety of options to personalize the casket. There are very few, if any, limitations on how the casket can look. Photographs and collages can be attached to the outside or inside of the container. Background images, pictures, insignia, prayers, poems, scripture, and even handwriting can be added. In addition, caskets are tailored to special interest such as sports and collegiate preferences for the football, baseball, basketball, and hockey enthusiasts. Furthermore, special interests that include personal hobbies such as hunting, fishing, equestrian pastimes, and an unlimited choice of other recreations can also be adapted. Caskets in Cincinnati can also offer artistic sceneries, backgrounds, religious affiliations, and military themes. Their skilled artists can depict the family’s precious memories using family photos, backgrounds, and collages to capture the life of their loved one.

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