Pick Up Flea Treatments at the Animal Hospital

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A visit to the animal hospital keeps the fleas away, and if you are a pet owner, making your way into the vet’s office with your furry friend is a must to keep these tiny critters at bay. While you’re probably already familiar with the fact that fleas are a great nuisance – biting and jumping all over the place – what you may not know is that fleas carry a lot more danger than simply a bit of biting irritation.

The Flea Facts

Fleas carry with them the risk of transmitting disease to your pet. This includes Flea Allergy Dermatitis, tapeworm, anemia and a host of other infections. But did you know the pesky critters can also quickly infest your home, turning carpets, furniture, and more into their personal playground? Take a look at these amazing flea facts.

* A female flea can produce as many as 25,000 babies in a single month

* There are more than 2,400 species of fleas

* Fleas can survive a period of several months without a meal

Fleas are a nuisance for pets and their owners and, as you can see, are certainly riskier than what you may have imagined. It is essential that you purchase a flea treatment from the animal hospital and use it on your pet on a regular basis. There are numerous treatments available, most of which are easy to apply in a single dose with effects lasting one month. They usually treat ticks and other parasites as well. The treatments vary in cost, however it is easy to find something within your budget by asking your vet at your visit to the animal hospital.

Other Flea Considerations

If you prefer you can also use flea shampoos and collars for your pet. It is recommended that these products be used in addition to the treatments recommended by the animal hospital. They provide a double dose of protection for your pet.

Should you notice fleas around your home, make sure that you take action. We told you earlier how many fleas a female can produce in a month. This means a major problem can be on your hands in no time. Do not assume that treating your pet is going to do the trick inside of the home. You can find over the counter home flea treatments sold at pet stores. You can also ask the vet at the animal hospital for a recommendation. Be sure that you wash all linens and clothing inside of your home, sweep and vacuum the floors and clean the dogs’ bedding and rugs, too. It can be quite a pain to get rid of fleas in the home, especially when they multiply.

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