Pilgrim Cleaners Offers Self Service Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis MN

Getting your special garments dry-cleaned is important in extending their life and keeping them looking their best, but it can sometimes be difficult to schedule dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off tasks in your daily routine. It’s often hard to remember to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow afternoon that you dropped off at the cleaners this morning. Pilgrim Cleaners, a business that offers Self Service Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis MN makes it easy for you to collect your dry cleaning on the way home from work or errands on the same day if you drop it off by a certain time in the morning.

Saturday has become just as busy for most people as their Monday through Friday routines. You may be working at your job or doing errands you didn’t have time to complete during the week. Dry cleaners like Pilgrim Cleaners have responded to the needs of their customers by offering same-day dry cleaning on Saturday just as they do on weekdays. You simply need to drop off your cleaning by a certain hour to ensure that it will be ready to pick up by the end of the day. Pilgrim also provides options for dropping off or picking up dry cleaning on Sunday if that is the only day you can schedule it.

Specialized dry cleaning services offered by Pilgrim include wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Your table linens, comforters and blankets can be cleaned or just fluffed if you prefer before storing them away for the season. Perhaps you’ve successfully followed your New Year’s resolution and lost some weight. Pilgrim can handle alterations so that your pants and other garments fit properly and show off your slimmer body. Even unusual items like car floor mats and hockey equipment can be dry cleaned for a better appearance and a longer life.

If you don’t have reliable access to a washer and dryer at your residence, take advantage of self-service or even full-service laundry facilities at Pilgrim Cleaners. Coin-operated large top-loaded or front-loaded washers and giant capacity dryers will quickly clean and dry your clothing. If you just don’t have time to do your laundry yourself, drop it off for an employee to wash, dry and fold for you at a reasonable charge. You won’t have to worry again about cleaning your special items and everyday garments thanks to Self Service Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis MN.

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