Plumbing Repair Gainesville GA

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Plumbing repairs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You should be able to get a quote beforehand and when the bill comes it should be in the same ballpark as the quote. It is bad enough to have a plumbing emergency you don’t need an untrustworthy plumber come in your home and increase the price on your service by selling you parts you don’t need and unnecessary repairs. Protect yourself by doing your research and asking as many questions before they arrive as possible. You may even want to research them on Angie’s List or search for past customer testimonials. Here a list of possible plumbing repairs you may encounter in Gainesville GA.

Tub and Shower

There are too many possible tub/shower malfunctions to list, but some of the most common are clogged drain, leaking tub and broken fixtures. Most people have tried different chemicals to get the drain unclogged before hiring a plumber for plumbing repair in Gainesville, GA. When the chemicals don’t work to help your tub to drain, a plumber will come in and use an auger on the pipe attached to the drain, if that doesn’t work a pipe flush may be necessary to push whatever blockage there may be, through the pipe system. The most common blockages in tubs are hair, razor caps and surprisingly loofa pieces. They best way to prevent these problems is to get a small hole drain protector, much like the drain stop in your kitchen sink. Leaky pipes are a little more involved and cannot be pinpointed to one area until evaluated by a professional. Fixture replacement and installation is a simple and easy fix that should hit your pocketbook too hard.


A toilet that worked fine previously and then suddenly will not take the water away is more than likely a blockage. This is prevalent in homes with small children and can be a costly fix. The plumber will more than likely have to take the toilet off in order to take the blockage out, replace the toilet to its original position and seal it back to the floor. If you try to flush the toilet and nothing happens, you probably have an internal problem with a quick fix of replacing a part in the tank.


Kitchen repairs are typically a bit more complicated because they tend to involve appliances. If you have a backup, leak or flood in your kitchen it really could be any number of appliances, moving parts in those appliances, broken pipe, clogged pipe or an altogether broken appliance.

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