Pop Up Displays Create Staff Friendly Tradeshows

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Getting ready for a big tradeshow is a huge undertaking. This is especially so if a company or its staff members haven’t entered this arena before. Planning out the perfect look for the booth, right down to the giveaway items, is likely going to take a lot of time and creativity. When it is time to order the visuals, pop up displays can prove to be the perfect choice.

Pop up displays are backdrops and other visually appealing items that bear images, such as company logos. They’re designed to catch the eye of passersby and help bring them into a show booth to learn more about a product, service, company or idea. They stand out from other types of displays for a few good reasons:

* Appearance flexibility – This type of display tends to deliver a lot in the flexibility department. These displays are suitable for large backdrops and can also be purchases in smaller, table-top forms. Essentially the basic design can be crafted to fit almost any need. And, when the right graphics are coupled with this type of display, the appearance can be visually stunning.

* Ease of transport – Pop up displays are designed especially to be lightweight and easy to manage. This can be especially important for out-of-state shows that require booth items to be shipped in advance or checked onto a plane.

* Ease of use – Working a tradeshow can be a whole lot of fun for staff members who love to interact with people and love to sell. Setting up a tradeshow booth, however, can take the energy out of them before the first potential customer hits the floor. This is where pop up displays really shine. They are designed to offer extremely easy assembly, which is greatly appreciated by anyone who has ever struggled to get a backdrop with dozens of pieces into place before a tradeshow opens. The bottom line is they simply enable easier set up and breakdown, leaving staff more time to focus on what’s important.

Pop up displays are the backbone of staff friendly tradeshow and exhibit displays. When it’s time to invest in visuals that are impactful without impacting staff negatively, this design type tends to stand out in a very big way.

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