Popcorn Tins: An Item Of Popular History

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Since the first popcorn machine invented by Charles Crator in the 1880s and the appearance of his popcorn wagon at the midway of Chicago’s Exposition in 1893. Popcorn and the American people have developed a close relationship. While many may not be aware of the history of popcorn, they often celebrate it by buying popcorn tins in Orlando and across the United Stated bearing famous early brand names. On the other hand, others enjoy the challenge of collecting popcorn tins and other early artifacts of the industry.

Popcorn Tins – Keeping Fresh the Kernels

Popcorn has consistently been one of the country’s favorite snack foods during the 20th century. Popcorn tins have served two related but distinct purposes during this time of growth and development. In 1914, the founder of the American Pop Corn Company, Cloid H. Smith, launched his brand of popcorn on the market. His popcorn kernels came from the local corn fields near Sioux City, Iowa. He called the product “Jolly Time”.

The problem was not the product itself. It was the packaging. Popping corn needed to be sent in a durable and moisture-free package. Cardboard was not suitable. Glass containers were totally impractical. Sacking could have done, but the issue of moisture remained. The solution was to use tin. Popcorn tines were first employed by him and his company in 1924. He was so sure of his new containers that he dared to boast on the label for all to see, “Guaranteed To Pop Every Time.”

Popcorn Tins – Keeping Popcorn Fresh

Yet, popcorn tins were to become popular to hold popped corn. While they may have appeared sporadically during the early years of the 20th century, and during ht e1940s, it was not until after WWII that they became popular. Several companies hit on the idea of holiday tins. Christmas was the perfect target market.

Yet the holidays were not the only reason for issuing popcorn tins. In fact, some of the early popcorn companies, e.g. the makers of Cracker Jacks, transposed their early images onto tins. There have also been anniversary themed tins for several companies.

Popcorn tins have become a popular item for gourmet companies. It is a safe and easy way to ship their product. The popcorn will stay safe and the overall presentation is impressive. Moreover, the variety of designs possible makes it a wonderful gift. When you consider that popcorn tins in Orlando combine a wide array of design possibilities with delicious gourmet and flavored popcorn, you can hardly go wrong when you pick this as a gift.

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