Popular Trends in Living Room Furniture in Chicago

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The living room space in a home is usually where the family spends time together, or lives; thus the title living room. If you and your family use the living room for quality time, movie night, game night, and other family time, the furnishings and decor should fit your family’s needs. The following will cover the popular trends for choosing Living Room Furniture in Chicago.

1. Sectionals – Sectional sofas provide a wide range of configurations, sizes, fabrics, colors, and styles for the living room. They can include sections like a lounger plus sofa, sofa and love-seat with a wedge section, sofa with one or two ottomans, sectionals with or without recliners, sleeper style, and other configurations to fit your living room space and personal tastes.
2. Conventional sofas – Traditional sofas also come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes to meet your living room space needs. They can be modern, minimalist, contemporary, or traditional in style. If you have kids and/or pets, they can be stain-resistant and durable.
3. Living room sets – Living room sets are like bundling pieces together to save money and feel sure your furniture matches. The most common form of living room set is a sofa and love-seat set. You get to choose the fabric, color, style, and size to match your needs.
4. Motion reclining – Motion reclining is a relatively new feature found on sofas, love-seats, and chair recliners. Motion reclining pieces provide comfort, style, and flexibility for your living room area. Just like other chairs, sofas, and love-seats, motion reclining furnishings offer various colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes.
5. Accent furnishings – Accent pieces can encompass choosing tables additional chairs. If a sectional or conventional living room set does not provide you with ample seating accommodations, an additional chair or recliner can be included to address that problem. Tables make nice accent pieces and can be functional for other decor and convenience.

If you are currently in the market for new living room furniture, these are the popular solutions trending in the furniture industry. It is wise to do some research, decide what you need and want, and shop accordingly. Quality furniture is worth the investment over cheap furnishings. Marjen Furniture Chicago provides quality furnishings for your home.